Fillers for pasty masses for bread baking

The fillers NIROSTA are for fill the pasty masses on/into various types of bread. The filler is a compact unit, with minimization of transport ways for the product transport from a reservoir to filling nozzles; and with accurate filling, and with easy maintainance.

The filler can be placed on a rotary post, for easy access to the filler at the manual cleaning, and the maintainance of a machine. The filler can be joined to a central purification plant (CIP). There are the electropneumatic elements and electric cables in a common case, which is places outside a working area.

The filler fills jam, cream and chocolate (and others) icing on the gingerbread and other kinds of pastries. Variability and easy replacement of the filling nozzles for the product filling. The product can be filled on different width of pastries, and on various types: wheels, fried cakes and others. And it can be filled into the pastries (for example: cream filled doughnuts, croissants etc.).

The number of filling series is unlimited in the filler. Each of filling series is with automatic control: no cake - no filling.

Options: the number of a filling site, dosing volume and a dosing form; these are by a customer’s supplication and by his technology.


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