Unit for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries

  • usable reservoir storage 30-500 litres
  • slow-speed stirrer with spatulas on the round wall and on the bottom
  • high-speed stirrer of the homogenizer (e.g. turbo stirrer)
  • double-jacketed vessel: interspace for heating by steam or by electric, and for cooling by cold or gelid water
  • heating
  1. inner heating circle
  2. outer heating circle with a circulatory pump, and with an electric heater, with an open expansion tank, branch valves for inlet of cooling water
  • temperature control for heating circle
  • temperature control for cooling
  • thermal insulation for a round part of the vessel, thickness 30 mm
  • conical bottom, camber is 20
  • temperature-sensitive element TO-02 situated just above the bottom, for temperature measuring of the mass

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