The reservoirs made of stainless steel (kind of stainless steel Nr. 17).

There are the voluminous series manufactured in two type of construction:

  • with the solid-state conic cover (equipped with a manhole)
  • with the detachable plane cover (alternative without the cover)

The first solution - with the solid-state conic cover - enables the reservoirs attached to a cleaning circle. There is a spraying cleaning ball in the cover.

Design of the reservoirs:

  • single- or multi- walled design
  • differently solution of the space duplication and the isolation
  • the space duplication serves for water heating and water cooling
  • the space duplication is in two version:

        - pressureless version
        - pressurized version

The options of an equipment the reservoirs:

  • several different types of stirrers
  • several different types of temperature-sensitive sensor for temperature in a inter-shell or in the reservoir
  • several different types of level controls etc.

The armature for soaking and drainage according to raw material and costumer’s request.

We are able to assemble the reservoirs with:

  • automatic control systems
  • weighted systems for liquid and loose matter dosing
  • service halfpaces
  • other equipment (pump, heating circle etc.)

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